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The Perfect Product

This is the perfect product because, every business needs electricity or natural gas, it requires no inventory, and there is no financial investment if you want to become an Affiliate. EMEX Power can help customers save up to 30% on their energy bill. No matter what the economy is doing, people will always need energy. EMEX truly has a recession proof product. Energy really is the perfect product.

True Residual Income

The income potential is unlimited. Just imagine getting residual income from your own personal customers and from the customers in your affiliate organization up to seven levels deep. Can your boss offer anything like this?

What is Residual Income?

At a normal job, you need to work day after day if you want to continue to receive a paycheck. Residual income is different. You continue to receive recurring income as long as the customer continues to renew their contract. lnsurance agents are great examples of the power of residual income. An insurance agent spends some time working on the initial sale, but they can get paid for the next 40 years from that initial sales call. They continue to get paid as long as the customers renew the policy. That is the power of residual income.

I Don't Know How to Sell Electricity or Natural Gas

You do not need to learn how to be an energy broker to make money with the EMEX.  Your job is to find a business that is interested in saving money on their energy bill. Simply direct them to your EMEX website and help them pick a provider, lock in a rate, print the contract online, and fax in the contract. One of the knowledgeable EMEX Account Managers will take it from there.
EMEX Power’s Customer Management System handles all aspects of the sale, from opening bid to contract generation, and streamlines interactions between customers and energy providers.

How Do I Make Money?

As an EMEX Sales Partner, you have the opportunity to earn income in two ways. First, you will earn a commission from all of the direct sales that you personally close.  Additionally, you can recruit other Affiliates to your downline and will be paid up to seven levels deep from your Affiliate organization’s sales.

Income Opportunities

Two Ways to Earn

Opportunity #1
Your Personal Customers:

Get paid up to $0.002 x the number of kWh the customer uses. 

Example: A commercial customer uses 
$0.002 x 500,000 kWh per year = $1000
You get $1000 each year that they are an active customer.

Opportunity #2
Referring Affiliates to the EMEX:

As an EMEX Sales Partner, you have the opportunity to get paid on any deal from an Affiliate that you referred to your Affiliate organization.

You get paid a 25% commission of all the Tier 1 Affiliates’ sales that you personally refer and are paid up to seven levels deep from your Affiliate organization’s sales. 


Example: You have an Affiliate that you personally recruited that makes $100,000 a year. Your override commission is $25,000 a year.

Additionally, you also get paid a residual income from the sales of the Affiliates in your organization. Just imagine if you had an affiliate organization of 1000 Affiliates and receiving a residual payment from 1.5%-25% from those Affiliates. 

Join the EMEX Power Affiliate Program





Individuals who have joined the EMEX Power Affiliate Program agree that they achieve greater success as an independent Energy Broker with the use of EMEX’s groundbreaking online platform. Now you can take advantage of the significant value-adds that the EMEX Power Affiliate Program brings to your customer’s energy procurement experience, and to your bottom line.



• Complimentary website with no monthly fees

• Work one-on-one with your Account Manager
• Use of the EMEX Reverse Auction
• Fully staffed support team that works for you
• Personalized sales website and CRM platform
• Ongoing training
• Access to customizable marketing materials
• Opportunity to earn residual income
• Access to over 75 energy suppliers





There is no cost to join the
EMEX Power Affiliate Program

Join the EMEX Power Affiliate Program

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